Practicing Presence

I took a significant break from social media recently and to be honest, I’m not really sure how to come back.  I’m a reader. I am always reading a few books at a time and fiction is my favorite thing to fall asleep to each night. Reading helps my brain escape the constant analyzing thought … Continue reading Practicing Presence

Redefining Rhythms

The other day, for the first time in three years, I sat in a new coffee shop down the street, by myself, drank tea from a mug and opened a book. It took a morning of convincing to get out of the house because I’m quick to trust my expectations and feared disappointment and a … Continue reading Redefining Rhythms

Our Sixth Year

We packed a bag with sweats and toiletries and headed out to celebrate our sixth year. It felt fitting, this simple celebration. We got massages, ate at the bar of our favorite Mexican restaurant, and watched our current binge worthy show in a free hotel room we didn’t have to clean up after. A few … Continue reading Our Sixth Year

Our Fifth Year

We celebrated five years of marriage on Friday. Five years always seemed like a monumental number to me. I hear stories of the hardship that comes with or after the five-year mark. I’m not sure there is a specific year that’s the same for everyone, every new one brings its own kind of hard. And … Continue reading Our Fifth Year

Turning 30

Today is the first day of my thirties. I still remember sitting with my roommate ten years ago when she was leaving her teens. We laughed about feeling old and felt like it was the end of an era (we also learned how to fit a FRIENDS quote into every conversation). So much has happened … Continue reading Turning 30